Arista was born and raised in Grand Rapids Michigan. She moved in 2007 to washington D.C. to pursue a BFA in photography at the Corcoran College of Art and Design. She also completed a 5 months Teachers Assistance and residency program in New York city at the Center for Alternative Photography. After completing her BFA, Arista moved to Cambridge MA, and attend the College of Art and Design at Lesley University where she completed her MFA in Fine Art Photography in 2013. While in grad school she focused in gum bichromate, and large scale image transfers.

Currently Arista lives and works in New Mexico with her husband while traveling and working on her various mediums of choice. 

Lavender fields.  2014

I work at the intersection of alternative photographic processes and contemporary media. By using photography as a base from which to experiment, along with contemporary methodologies, I create image based mixed media pieces. My work is largely autobiographic, it is an alternate venue for the impulse to confess; an offering of the revealed, personal experience when words are not enough.

            Direct manipulation of images, alternative substrates and organic materials articulate distress and pleasures I have experienced. I do not focus on the negativity of heartbreak or the singularity of a relationship or experience, but use the extremes of experiences as fodder for creative interpretation of daily life. Using what materials, found and collected, works take on a deconstructed cultural memory while reconstructing personal history.  The use of alternative photographic processes and nontraditional image presentation are as important as the index of the image itself in conveying layered human experiences.These processes are my methods and language of communicating my compulsory efforts of human will.